I will plan your special day taking care of every detail or just the ones you’l need me to take care of, with several packages available you’l get a service tailored to your needs. 

The passion for my job and for love stories, years long experience in creating wonderful events, a list of trustworthy professionals chosen carefully, inspirations and Italian venues and locations in continuous updating, this all will be at your disposal if you’ll choose to work with me. 

If you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it, if going for a wedding abroad scares you, if you want your special day to resemble yourself and your style, if you want to put every detail of your special moment in the hands of a creative professional, one of the packages is waiting for you. 


This package includes the total package deal. from working out a budget, to meeting and negotiating with vendors, to creating a customized floor plan and reviewing contracts. You will cherish every moment leading to your big day while knowing I’m taking care of your event with everything under control:

 Decorations, design and styling
 Budget management
 Vendors research
 Timeline’s creation
 Wedding day coordination

and much more…


A customized creative project in tune with the style and the mood chosen for the event, from the invitations’ graphics to floral compositions, from the tablet to colors picking, we can create a customized design for the couples that have already managed all the aspects of the organization but don’t know how to create a special design for the occasion.

 Color palette design
 Invitations graphics prototypes
 Staging materials’ research
 Matching graphics design

and much more…


Eloping means running off to marry in some secret location, I’ll help you escaping in the most romantic way possible.

 Ceremony venue research
 Event’s style and design
 Budget management
 Vendors’ team research
 Timeline management
 On site assistance

and much more…